Monday, March 12, 2012

What a COMBO!!!

I am still a newbie poster :) I wanted a new garment for one of my company's workshop, so I made yet another B5147.  The fabric is a stretch denim with sparkle red that was in my stash already.  However; the hat is a oop B3664.  I left the top off so I can wear my natural hair out or twists.  The clutch handbag was made from scratch and is lined with two pockets.  I was so happy to find this on youtube how to line a pouch tutorial. Also, another great tutorial is how-to-make-a-lined-zipper-pouch-tutorial/. I really love the embroidery that I had to play with to get the letters to embroider correctly.  Cardigan is from K. Jordan K. Jordan Cardigan. Thanks to my friend Corlette in NY who supplied me with the lining fabric.

 Hopefully; my posts will not take so long and they will become better and better :)